Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Presidential Election

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I guess it may not come as a surprise - I am content that Barack Obama was elected the president of the United States. I think he will be a better president than J
ohn McCain would have been. I was very impressed by John McCain's concession speech, where he implored his supporters to give Obama their respect and admiration for the campaign he ran. President Bush has also encouraged Americans to be proud of Obama.

Last night I was awestruck by the significance of the event historically. Whether one agrees with Obama's politics, we can at least agree he certainly is the poster-boy for the belief that anything is possible in the United States of America.

President Obama is going to have a boatload of problems to attack, literally the second he is sworn into office. I hope he will do what is best for the country, and not just do the bidding of the far left and the progressives. He certainly has a lot of potiential. A large majority supported him in the election, and people around the world have been inspired by his message and his story.

I wish him the best. We still have a couple months before Bush leaves office. Obama will be selecting people for his administration in the meantime. I want to just let things kind of quiet down, and just take in all the change that's in the air. I hope others will be optimistic at the possibility for moving the U.S. in a new, better direction. If John McCain had won, I would have been optimistic as well. Change is inevitable. And if it's pursued in the correct manner, change can be a very good thing.

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